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About Us

Hello and welcome to our blog! 


We are Mario Torres and Shannon Tate and together we have well over 30 years experience in travel from being tour operators with our small group tour company, Scottish Dream Tours, and from our personal travels. So you can imagine how many stories we have accumulated through the years. 


In sharing our travel stories we hope to inspire more people to travel and create stories of their own. Travel to us is more than just going to places so we can say “We’ve been there done that” or check a name off a list. To us travel it’s about creating memories that last a lifetime. We love to stay and eat at small family owned places and immerse ourselves in the local culture, making friends along the way. 


Why are we called Different Kind of Traveler? We tend to do things our own way and do less of the “You have to do this” or “You have to stay here” way of traveling. Through the years we learned to go with the flow and let the adventures happen. This is where the best memories are made and stories begin.


Mario & Shannon

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